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XL Specialized Trailers is a leading manufacturer of heavy haul trailers for the commercial market. Their full line of commercial trailers include a wide range of extendable trailers to suit extra long hauling needs, Slide Axles to serve the towing market, as well as other commercial models.


XL Specialized Trailers serves the construction market through a variety of lowboy products. As equipment gets bigger and heavier, XL Specialized Trailers continues to develop solutions to haul the newest construction equipment.


XL Specialized Trailers serves the agriculture market by providing step deck, mechanical and hydraulic lowboys. Their wide range of options, such as pullout outriggers, enables you to find your own specialized solution for your agricultural hauling needs.


XL Specialized Trailers lives up to its name. Their specialty is customizing products to best serve your unique needs. Their long history of saying “yes, we can do that” has resulted in a full portfolio of custom trailers custom engineered for hauling distinctive loads.


XL has a complete Dolly line. The XL Dolly is a popular addition to construction transportation fleets. Hydraulic steering with manual override allows for adjustable usage. The XL Dolly’s many useful advantages make it extremely versatile: customized to fit your job. It is able to carry long, self-supporting loads.

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