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Trailer Parts Department

Welcome to the Semi Trailer Parts Department

Our transport trailer Parts Department has a large inventory of original, high quality semi trailer parts. Our friendly, professional staff are available to answer all your parts questions. If we don’t have the item in stock you’re looking for, we’re happy to order it in for you. We have convenient Semi trailer parts departments at our Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes locations.  Ask for Richard or Yan and they will be happy to help!  




  • Increase Tire Tread life from 35% to 50%

  • Lowers maintenance cost

  • Increase R.O.I on Tire Inventory

  • Reduces Tire Vibration and Noise.

  • Increase in Driver Production.

  • Better stability on the road.

  • Five (5) year warranty

  • Fast and easy to install





Safety Is Our First Priority

The Eaglehook is a unique innovation in

transport trailer repair – an expertly engineered

mobile system specifically developed to

prevent falls, by restricting workers engaged

in repair or maintenance from traveling to a

roof surface edge.