Mechanical Workshop - Pierquip

Find everything you need under one roof!

Pierquip offers quick service and a large inventory of the most popular brands and models, for shorter down time, which will allow you to get back on the road quickly.

Contact our service department at 1 (888) 840-0798 to book your appointment!

  • PEP certified periodic inspection
  • On-site annual inspection with SAAQ sticker
  • Minor and major repairs
  • Insurance quotes for damages
  • Pick up and delivery service
  • View “Installation of Options” for more info

  • Repair walls on dry and reefer trailer boxes
  • Repair and replace floor, roof and all types of doors and locks
  • Maintenance and repair lifts
  • Installation of all types of logistic tracks (E-Tracks)

  • Installation of a fifthwheel lock
  • Installation of a CLERAL weight system

  • Repair and install motorized tarp systems
  • Installation of a CLERAL weight system